Belted Embrace #TantalizingTuesday

I’m naked. He stands in his jeans before me but I am naked. The dichotomy sends a rush through my body. I’m vulnerable, exposed. I’m caught by him. I’m held by the look in his fierce, piercing blue eyes when he speaks, commanding me to do as he says. I shiver at his words that feel like touches sliding down my spine even as he draws his belt from its loops.

He invokes a fear in me that serves only to feed my need for him, my desire. Though I know –there’s a part of me that truly recognizes– he’ll never hurt me, I can’t fight my shivers any more than I can resist taking my next breath. It’s him. His body calls to mine.

As he guides his belt around my back and strokes it along my naked skin, he creates this insane desire within me and I want nothing more than to allow him to lead me, to guide me, to be my center. I crave his power over me so purely that I only need to follow and be free. I need the sweet sting of his belt and I lay myself across his lap in submission.

© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2013
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