A Taste of #TantalizingTuesday

Her fingers swirled along the ridges of my stomach before following the light trail of hair. She brushed through the small curls and slowly, ever so damn slowly, she ran her hand along the full length of my cock. When she reached the head, she wiped up a drop of pre-cum with her finger and brought it to her lips, sucking it in as she might someday suck on my cock.
I nearly lost all control. “Holy hell, Trina,” I ground out while clenching my teeth. I flipped over and positioned myself above her. 
“What did you do?”
“I needed to taste you.”
“And now I need to taste you.”
Her eyes flared just before she responded, “Yes.” Trina’s voice was just a whisper but it rang as loudly as if she’d shouted it. I wondered if she understood what she’d just agreed to. If not, she’d understand soon enough.
I leaned in and kissed her, holding nothing back. “I’d like to taste your cream, Trina.”
Taking her mouth again, I kissed her in thanksgiving for everything she would give to me, pulled back again only enough to speak and said, “I’d like to taste your blood.”
©Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2013

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