Happy Birthday, Sid! #TantalizingTuesday

Today's Tantalizing Tuesday story is dedicated to my friend Sid. Happy Birthday, Sid.

"Ssssh," he murmured, cupping my mouth with his warm hand. "The girls will hear you if you make too much noise."

Easy for him to say. I knew I couldn’t be quiet when his lips were all over me. I had tried to push him off when he first started touching me but he wouldn’t budge. It had been obvious everyone was already up and this was not our best idea. I couldn’t think straight though. It felt so damn good but fuck, I didn't want to be caught.

"This was a bad idea," I mumbled around his hand. I knew I'd been loud despite his attempts at quieting me.

"Ssssh. It's fine. No one heard." His swollen wet lips drew patterns along my skin as he soothed me. My body was still thrumming with the coils of my orgasm and fuck, I didn't give a shit about anything else when he was doing this to me. "Better? Can I let go now?"

I nodded and he removed his hand, kissed my mouth and whispered against my lips, "Happy birthday, Sid."

The giggles from the doorway told me that my best friends had heard every bit of my birthday surprise.

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