Monday, March 20, 2017

Hey #Authors! #WWoW! Discounted Memberships AVAILABLE for the @NetGalley CoOp!

The Romance Beckons Cooperative is offering DISCOUNT MEMBERSHIPS.
We are a group of independent authors teaming up to display our books on NetGalley at a reasonable cost. NetGalley is a website frequently used by publishers to distribute advanced review copies (ARCs) and previously published books to bloggers, reviewers, media, booksellers, librarians, and educators. The pool of reviewers on NetGalley is VAST!

Our Cooperative embraces all genres and heat levels of romance. We will gladly include New Adult, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy. Mainstream, sweet and erotic books are all welcome. The only requirement is that it have a strong romance component.

Our cooperative puts the power of reviews in your hands. Requests are handled by each individual author, on a case-by-case basis. Each reviewer is vetted using an author's personal criteria which could include: a high number of followers, genre match, quality reviews/feedback, active accounts on Goodreads or Amazon. With a hands-on approach for our members, authors have all the decision making. Authors will have on-line access to all feedback from reviewers.

Invoices are sent via Paypal and must be paid in full prior to listing your book(s).
3-month discounted membership: $90
6-month discounted membership: $150
10-month discounted membership:  $275

If you’re interested in signing up, contact us soon. With these deep discounts, space might go fast!

Previous Romance Beckons Cooperative Members have included...
Paloma Beck   |   Normandie Alleman   |   Celeste Anwar   |   Avery Aster   |   Calinda B   |   Victoria Barbour   |   Sorcha Black   |   Leta Blake   |   Lena Bourne   |   Becca Boyd   |   Gail Bridges   |   Cara Bristol   |    Amanda Christianson   |   Cassandra Carr   |  Jennifer Connor   |   LH Cosway   |   Lynn Crain   |   Laurel Cremant   |   Cerise DeLand   |   Darlene Deluca   |   Jaide Fox   |   Tina Gayle   |   Desiree Holt   |   Jean Joachim   |   Angeline Kace   |   Julia Keaton   |   Kathryn Kelly   |   Samara King   |  Natasha Knight  |  Adriana Kraft   |   Katheryn Lane   |   Becca Layne   |   Tammy Dennings Maggy   |   Christina Mandara   |   Jeanine McAdam   |   Casey McKay   |   Elizabeth McKenna   |   D'Elen McClain   |   CB McKee   |   Lia Michaels   |   Anita Philmar   |   Camryn Rhys   |   Holly Roberts   |   Renee Rose   |  Sweden Rose  |  Stephanie Ryan   |   Tawny Savage   |   Deborah Schneider   |   Melissa Schroeder   |   Cari Silverwood   |   Nicole Slaunwhite   |   Sibelle Stone   |   Becca Syme   |   Kiru Taye   |   Victoria Vane   |   Ashley York   |   Sabrina York
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