Tantalizing Tuesday Energy

Elliott woke up as he had for the last year. His wife lay next to him in their queen-sized bed she’d insisted on keeping when they got married. Julia wanted them to be close when they slept.  He smiled at all the ways she’d tucked herself into his life.
He treasured these moments when she was still asleep, the one time when Julia wasn’t a bundle of bustling energy. Elliott ran his finger along the tiny strap of her camisole. He tugged it gently over her shoulder so he could kiss her bare skin. He ran his lips up the column of her throat and listened to the first sounds of her wakening.
Julia’s moan brought a smile to his face as she rolled and with sleepy eyes, she searched him out and he took the opportunity to tug her closer and position himself above her. He met her lips with his and worked to entice her to remain in bed with him just a little longer.
“Good morning, beautiful,” Elliott spoke against her lips, hesitating to pull away. He wanted her attention on him. He wanted her focus on him. He wanted all of her energy directed at him.
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesday 2012

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