Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WWoW! Promoting on Twitter!

Here are some words of wisdom from one writer to another.
I couldn't have given better advice than this REPOST (from Rainy of the Dark) for WWoW! this week. Twitter is about CONNECTING, not SELLING. So here is some advice - TWITTER TIPS for authors promoting their books - paired down to the most important points.

Read them. 
Know them. 
Live them.

How Do You Promote Your Book on Twitter? (via Rainy of the Dark)

This is a good question. Some advice will tell you to send your info in direct message, so they are sure to see it. Um, no. That’s the equivalent of shoving a handful of brochures into someone’s face. Some say to @ mention your book information so people are forced to see it. Um, no. This is like…

Keep writing!


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