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It's Fun to be Naughty!
WELCOME to the Naughty New Years Blog Hop. Wouldn't life be boring if -just once in awhile- we weren't just a bit naughty?? Tyra, a character from my contemporary romance, Coming Home, throws caution to the wind when she meets Ryan and decides to get a little naughty. She reminds me of myself since I mostly play it safe but there's nothing more fun than the times I let the naughty side out!

Enjoy an excerpt.
EXCERPT 1... It took only a minute to weigh her decision. With Ryan, she just wanted to throw caution to the wind. She smiled at him and said just one word. It was the word that could mess with her security but she couldn’t hold it back. It could also change her world. “Yes.”
“You know what happens if we leave here together?” Ryan leaned down with his forehead against hers. His voice deep and warm like chocolate, warmth spread through her settling into that place she was trying hard not to notice as he pressed himself against her body.
She licked her lips as she considered for just one second that she could say no and stop this right here. But she couldn’t say no; she didn’t want to say no. And when Tyra looked up at him through her lashes, not fully lifting her head, and smiled, Ryan’s arm circled her hips and he turned on his heel. With a nod to Henry, Ryan led her out of the bar. Tonight was going to be good, she thought. She just prayed they both still thought this was a good idea in the morning.
EXCERPT 2...“I don’t do this, Ryan. I mean, I’m not some easy girl who gets picked up in bars. I know it might’ve seemed that way but I swear I don’t do this.”
“Well, don’t I feel special then,” Ryan grinned as he leaned down to touch his lips against hers, just a feather light kiss. Her response was immediate as the heat from his lips seared her senses. She kissed him back with an intensity that had Ryan pulling her closer and deepening the kiss. His hands on either side of her face held her to him though she never would’ve considered pulling away anyway. She would be his, even if just for tonight.
As she relaxed into the kiss, intense pleasure began pounding in her veins and her breath sped up, chest rising and falling with a mixture of nerves and excitement she couldn’t remember ever having felt before. It had been so long since she’d let someone touch her. But this felt right—it felt so good. Never had she been tempted like he was tempting her. His lips rubbed against hers, sipping at her upper lip, nibbling at her lower lip. The kiss grew deeper and her body reacted with a heat that washed over her, causing her to surrender to the moment. She was lost in him.
Ryan’s hands trailed down her back and felt for the hem of her shirt before tugging it out of her waistband. It was electric when his warm hand met her stomach. He pulled away just long enough to get her shirt over her head and she whimpered from the lost contact only to hear a soft chuckle from Ryan. Then he met her lips with his own again. His tongue pressed against her lips, tracing the seam for permission, as she opened to the sensation and allowed the invasion. She felt herself ache to be touched deeper, to feel him naked against her, to be taken by this man she had only before dreamt about.
Crushing herself against him, she could feel his arousal—warm and thick—through the denim fabric. She could feel the heat of his body as she leaned closer still and put her hands around his waist. He stretched his arms out above his head when she tugged lightly and began pulling his shirt up his torso and over his head. She tossed it and began sliding her fingers down his abs, tingling with anticipation.
He moved back into her again, running his lips along her jaw, down her neck. Tyra could feel her need, the intense warmth wash down her body in waves of incredible sensations that were taking over her ability to think. Her nipples were sensitive and hard, the stiff points crying out for attention as he moved his hands closer to her breasts and stroked lightly underneath. It was a teasing stroke. Tyra was overwhelmed with sensation and wanted more. She began fumbling with his button and zipper to get his pants off. She wanted the treat she knew waited underneath.
“Let me help, baby,” he spoke in between laying gentle bites to the upper swells of her breasts. He pulled his jeans down over his legs and stepped out of them. He backed up to pull off his boxers and stood naked, an arm’s length from her—one step forward and her body would be blended with his—one step forward and she would be able to feel the thick length of his cock against her stomach.
It was Ryan who stepped towards her. When he bent his head lower to stroke her lace covered nipple with his tongue, Tyra’s world tilted. Her knees weakened and Ryan took her weight onto him, moving back until he was sitting in a chair. He spread Tyra across his knees so her body was open to him. He reached around behind her and released the hooks of her bra. Tossing it to the floor, Ryan devoured her nipples as if they were a feast and he was a starved man. While his tongue stroked one, his fingers worked the other and in no time, she was rubbing herself against him like a kitten. She craved him.
“I smell your hunger,” Ryan spoke between strokes.
“I can feel your hunger,” Tyra teased though her voice came out husky and low. She felt Ryan chuckle and the surge of air against her nipple sent a ripple straight to her core. She arched her back allowing Ryan a tighter grip on her breast. He licked, nibbled and had her writhing beneath his touch.
“Stand up,” he said.
When his hands moved to her waistband, Tyra gave up any thoughts of backing away. Gone were the thoughts of taking this slowly. She pulled his head towards her as he worked the snap and zipper and slid her jeans down her legs, saying a silent prayer of thanks to herself that she had shaved today. He moved onto the floor and kneeled before her then. And with his teeth, he dragged her panties down slowly. She wanted to rip them off, get everything out of the way for his touch but he took his time. Tyra could’ve screamed. She shook with need, with desire for this man she probably shouldn’t be with but absolutely had to have. 

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