Connecting the Dots.

I have been writing - and writing - and writing these past few weeks. I was feeling great until...  one of my beta readers asks for more to read. You see, I'd been bragging about this new character who'd just come to life. Now she wants to read what I have and I have nothing to give her.... arg!  Nothing is finished enough even for a beta reader. How could I have written so much and have nothing to show? I have a whole bunch of excerpts that just don't connect. I'd been writing in bursts of inspiration - furiously typing every idea and thought that came to me in order to get it down as quick as possible. But I never checked the flow and transitions. So now I know how I'll be spending this weekend (thank goodness the weatherman is predicting rain!). I'll be inside, at my computer, connecting the dots of this manuscript. Then perhaps on Monday, my ever-dedicated beta reader will have something to read.


  1. I dont care what you have for me - just bring it on! I am so excited about your ideas!!!!!!


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