Meeting Aubrey

Yesterday I was focused. And I mean really focused. I had cruised through the first three chapters of my next Sin Sister book. I was prepared to work on that book again today. I went to bed at a good time (very unusual for me) and was snoozing away until this character starts talking to me - seriously, I cannot get it out of my head - and I realize I just have to write everything down. I've now spent the whole day writing, words pouring out of me. I've heard about this "characters talking to authors" phenomenon but the realist in me wasn't so much a big believer. I mean, on occasion I've had fleeting moments with a character I've already developed when they've led me in a direction. But never have I had a character burst forth on her own and scream until I bring her to life. And to top it all off, everything I wrote today - all 5,000 words of it - are in the first-person narrative (which is a total pet-peeve of mine). Except it seems to really work.

Aubrey (that's her name) has become completely real to me today so I will bring her to life with my words. She's a bit troubled though she's yet to give me the reasons. She's fallen for a man though I'm not yet convinced they're right for one another. Here, just read this - it's one of the first things she told me...

I am caught by him. Absolutely, unintentionally ensnared. Held by the look in his eyes when he says, come, kneel, open to me. I shiver at his words like touches sliding down my spine. They invoke a fear in me that serves only to feed my need for him, my desire. And though I know – there’s a part of me that truly recognizes – what I desire is wrong, I can no more help my desire than I can resist taking my next breath. It is him. He feeds this desire within me. And I want nothing more than to allow him to lead me, to guide me, to dominate me. I crave his power over me so purely that I only need to follow.
Since I know how crazy I will sound to those who’ve known me my whole life, I tell no one of this man I’ve met, this man I’ve come to need.  I remain isolated in my thoughts and will do so until I’ve reconciled just what it is I am entering into.


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