Cerise DeLand leads a parade…of her newest releases!

Everyone loves a parade... even my guest author today who comes to us with a parade of books... but first a Thursday13 List of 13 of the greatest parades...
1. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York City
2. Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena CA
3. Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade, Animal Kingdom, Orlando FL
4. Stars and Motor Cars on Parade, MGM Studios, Orlando FL
5. Parade of Dreams, Disneyland CA
6. The National Independence Day Parade, Washington DC
7. Mardi Gras Parade, New Orleans
8. Disney's Christmas Day Parade, Orlando/ Anaheim
9. Universal Superstar Parade, Universal Studios, Orlando FL
10. Village Halloween Parade, Greenwich Village NY
11. Main Street Electric Parade, Magic Kingdom, Orlando FL
12. Carnaval, San Francisco CA
13. Cerise DeLand's books...
"I love a parade! Bands, marching dudes, baton twirlers and decorated floats excite me! So when I see that all those manuscripts I wrote over the past few months now have covers and release dates, I feel like I’m at a parade. The variety of what’s here astounds me, too..."

A Navy SEAL on stand-by gets the surprise of his life when the woman he rescued from kidnappers shows up on his door. 

CONQUERING ZEUS, in the SEALs on FIRE series, debuts next Friday, January 25!

CUFFED TO HIM is part of Sharing the Billionaire anthology coming out January 28th.  Here a journalist whose career is in the hopper tries to revive it by interviewing two billionaire brothers, once her next door neighbors. When she winds up on their private island, she learns how to revive an old crush…and enflame a love affair for three!

BE MINE is actually last year’s Valentine’s Day story with a new FAB.U.LOUS cover on it! In Washington in a snow storm, one man plans to surprise the woman he met the previous year and this time, he’s determined to keep her…and make her his.

Hope you will enjoy all of these and more of mine. Do come to http://cerisedeland.com and my blog http://cerisedeland.blogspot.com where so many of my friends, including Paloma, come to chat about their own books! Ciao! - Cerise

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