Mary's Menage Whispers is a Blazing Blog!

My Newest Blog Feature for 2013 is Blazing Blogs. These are blogs that have been identified as not only informative, particularly about romance books, but also a fun and sexy site to visit. Some come recommended by others and some are blogs I personally think are amazing. Regardless of how I discovered them, I now can proudly say I'm a follower. And after reading this interview, I just bet you'll want to follow them too!

NO MORE THAN 24 blogs will be acknowledged as an Amazing Blazing Blog in 2013 at Romance Beckons. 

Today, I'm talking with Mary, the owner of Mary's Ménage Whispers. I've been following her for a long time. I regard her reviews highly when selecting books to read. She's thoughtful and provides insight into the book to help readers make a good choice for themselves. In my opinion, that's a mark of a good reviewer.

Mary, when and how did you start your blog?
In July 2011. I'm a challenge kinda girl. I always need to push myself so out of boring I decided that if people were interested to read some crack of the plumber stories, they could be interested to read my ramblings about my ménage addiction! Seriously. I started to review on a regular basis on amazon and on one publisher site but this lacked flexibility, so I decided to give a try with a blog.

What is the primary purpose of your blog?
To share my erotic ménage romances reviews, help to promote this genre and express my thoughts and feelings... but most of all? have fun! I met so many incredible people so far: authors and readers.

What can readers expect to learn/ experience on your blog?
Hopefully they will enjoy my passion when I love a book and my sarcasm when I feel the need to vent once in a blue moon. :)

Do you offer advertising?
I am considering it. I never felt I was important enough but with my first Ménage Romances Fan's Awards, I had a lot of exposure lately so why not. (Mary is referring to this amazing awards contest she's hosting for menage romance books. You can vote by CLICKING HERE. There's a bunch of great books.)

Do you host special events?
Yes... interviews and guest blogs.

How can others get involved with your site?
I welcome comments on each of my blogs and people may contact me on facebook or twitter. They can also find me on Goodreads.

Some of Mary's favorite posts (CLICK THE LINKS TO READ):

As you can see, my favorite posts aren't many reviews. The reasons is because I should not be the one to pinpoint a review. Now, I invite readers to pick some in this Ménage Review List and tell me which they prefer. ;) LEAVE A COMMENT Below.


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