Previewing Hold My Hand

This past week, I made the rounds to some author friends' blogs to promote my newest book Hold My Hand. These preview promotions have been both incredibly exhausting and a whole lot of fun at the same time. It was my chance to tell the story behind the story. That was something I'd been waiting to do. You see, writing is a solitary career so for much of the process, I didn't talk to other people about my characters. Now, this week I had the chance to share.

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My first stop was to the Nuthouse where I was welcomed by the Nuthouse Scribblers. I talked about what made me decide to try self-publishing for my NaNoWriMo 2012 project. CLICK HERE to read more about it.

My next stop was a visit with Naughty Little Writer. If you have time, you've got to stop over and meet Penelope. She's a lot of fun! She even managed to make me admit that the book first came to me in a dream. Yep, that’s how my latest release started. You can read more by CLICKING HERE to go to the post. 

Then I swung in for a visit with the Four Seduced Muses where we talked all about Spanking (you know, as a delicious and naughty adult fun). I defined the difference between punishment, disciple and erotic spankings. You've got to CLICK HERE to read the post!

On Thursday, things turned serious when I stopped in Redefining Perfect to talk with Sarah Cass about the terrible reality of emotional abuse. Aubrey, the heroine of Hold My Hand, suffered from emotional abuse. I hint at it in her book but in this post, I share the truth to help uncover this little talked about problem. READ MORE HERE.

BIG HUGE Fan Girl Squee! I visited Jade Cary next. She wrote one of my favorite books, The Point Of It All. (Check it out when you get the chance - you won't be disappointed.) I wanted to pull out something special for her blog so I highlighted the poem I structured Hold My Hand around. For the full post, CLICK HERE.


He reaches to Hold My Hand
And I walk into the unknown.
I cling to the possibility
As I escape into the forbidden.
He whispers Hold My Hand
And I lay myself before him.
I hunger for his offering
As I soar to new heights.
He reaches to Hold My Hand
And I am touched by grace.
I am set free through my bonds
As I reach to Hold his Hand.

One more stop left before the BIG Release Blitz & Tour starts. Check it out... on March 31st, Kathryn Blake will be posting one of my favorite scenes from the book on her blog, Writer's Not-So-Naughty Thoughts. CLICK HERE to read the excerpt.

Now... for the next two weeks I'll be all over the world wide web promoting the book. Every day, there's a contest that you could win just from reading the excerpt and answering the question I pose. For the full schedule of my tour, CLICK HERE. I can't wait to see you out on the road! 
- Paloma


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