#TantalizingTuesday Goodbye

He lifted me into him, his hands on my thighs and my legs around his hips. This was right where I wanted to be though I knew I had to leave. I'd known the summer wasn't infinite. There would be an end. Then we'd be forced apart. We'd go our separate ways. Knowing it didn't make me any more ready for it once the time came. I had counted the hours of our last day, the minutes that ticked by while I tried desperately to cling to the here and now. Tomorrow could wait.

Clasping his beautiful face in my hands, I lowered my lips to his for a kiss. I would memorize his taste, his touch, his scent to take away with me. I wanted more than he could give. He'd said summer. He never said forever though I so wanted to hear that word. I kissed him as if it was forever… or maybe I kissed him as if it was goodbye. I could walk away if I knew we'd find each other again. I could say goodbye if I knew when we'd say hello again but this goodbye -our goodbye now- had no promises of a future.

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