The newest Seven Sin Sisters book has arrived... in a Frozen Fury

My newest Seven Sin Sisters series book -book five- has been released. This book took me the longest to write so far, mostly because the story line turns in this one. We're closer to the cause of those trying to take down the Valendite Breed now. Still, have no fear, there's still plenty of erotic goodness... including some delicious Spanking. Check out the blurb and a few excerpts - then click on one of those buy links down below unless you haven't read the others. You'll want to read this series in order for the full story.

The seven Sinster sisters are entwined in a legacy originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.

Amelia, a genetic physicist and the eldest Sinster sister, has devoted her adult life to determining the genetic anomaly of the Magdalena Circle women. The discovery means the women will no longer serve as the singular means for the Valendite Breed’s survival. However, in the wrong hands, the discovery takes on new meaning and puts their society at risk.

While investigating, Gage, a TEU weapons specialist for the Valendite Breed, accidentally shoots Amelia and then unknowingly bonds himself to her. Now with their enemies closing in around them, Amelia must fight against her soul sin to find the happiness she’s longed for. Everything shifts for the couple when Gage takes her in hand and convinces Amelia to trust in the prophecy to bring them together.

Flipping the phone closed, Gage knelt at the side of the woman—his mate—and felt for her pulse. It was light and her breathing was shallow. She’d lost consciousness again and he had no way to communicate with her. His mate was lying on this cold floor with life draining from her and the only thing he knew how to do was kill. He’d never worried about healing someone. He’d stanched the bleeding with a towel tied around her arm, but she’d already lost too much. Gage calculated the time it would take Nico to arrive and knew he couldn’t sit back and wait. Not when he had the exact remedy within his own body.
He did what he had to do, just as he always did. Nodding to himself, Gage rolled up his sleeve, bit into his wrist to strike a vein, and brought it to her mouth. Once a few drops of blood seeped between her lips, she responded instinctively by opening her lips and fastening onto him. Still, her eyes remained closed and there was no other movement. Despite the agony splitting his insides at what he’d done, Gage reassured himself that she would heal. It wasn’t a kill shot and there shouldn’t be this much blood, but it didn’t matter. Gage knew this above all else. A mate’s blood heals.
Once convinced he’d given her as much blood as she could take, Gage sat down and pulled her onto his lap. Uncaring about the blood coating her and now seeping into his own clothes, he cradled her in his arms and prayed to the Goddess that he hadn’t done the unthinkable. Her heart rate picked up and steadied after providing her the much-needed blood. Now holding her against him, he sat and simply took her in.
She was stunning. Long, thick waves of brown hair draped over her shoulders. Gage touched a curly spring with on hand and marveled at such softness. He was a warrior, a fighter, a trained sharpshooter, and there was not a singular soft thing about him. She seemed to be everything he wasn’t—soft, delicate, petite, and beautiful. How he wished he could see her eyes again or be graced with a smile. She simply lay in his arms making not a single sound.
“Gage!” Nico yelled from the hallway. Thank the Goddess.
Gage turned his head from his mate and called out. “In here. Follow the light to the lab at the end of the hallway.”
Nico’s footsteps drew steadily closer until Gage felt him walk around and squat down. He dropped a large bag on the floor that Gage guessed was his medical bag and began looking over the woman. He lifted the towel to expose the wound.
“Who is she? I take it she’s not an intruder.”
“She’s my mate.”
Nico’s eyes flashed up from where he’d been concentrating. The wound seemed to be healing already. “You shot your mate?” The stunned tone in Nico’s voice also held a shade of disbelief and maybe some humor. “Nice way to meet.”

Before he could second-guess himself, Gage had Amelia in his arms. His long legs carried them back to the bed where he dropped her, only to follow. There was no stopping this now. She’d asked for it and she was going to get it. With a determined focus, Gage looked at Amelia and willed her clothes from her body.
“Not wasting time, beautiful,” he grinned down at her naked form. Fuck, she looked delicious and he was a man ready for a feast. Her legs were spread enough for him to see the wetness, telling him just how much she desired him. He growled as he brought his hands to her thighs and traced the lines of her muscles inward. He pushed her knees out and up to make room for his torso as he laid himself down.
“We’re bonded already. I can feel your emotions,” Amelia spoke in awe. “Oh Goddess, I don’t want to but I can’t help but want this, want you.”
“It’s more powerful than either of us. There’s no controlling it, only accepting it.” Gage answered her while he continued to take in the landscape of her body. She was all sweet curves and soft flesh, flawless skin beckoning to him. There wasn’t a blemish or freckle anywhere, with the exception of her marking as a woman of the Magdalena Circle, a small birthmark set right above the springy curls of her core. That was the mark that made her perfect for him, his perfect match, and his one true mate. Gage ran his hands along the sides of her torso, following the curves of her body as he learned the feel of her body.
“I’m going to touch you now. I know you want me. I also know you can’t help but fight it so do your best. I can handle it,” Gage watched her eyes as he talked, laying out his plan and trying to sound as confident as he wished he could be. He needed to make love to her, to claim her as his mate. Warmth radiated out from each part of his body touching hers. The energy between them where they touched caused tiny sparks.
He placed his fingers at the juncture of her thighs and stroked a finger downward. She was wet and he could smell her arousal. His nostrils flared as he took deep breaths, trying to control his next move. He allowed his eyes to flutter closed, savoring her. Never before had his senses been this intense.
Even as he continued to stroke, Gage leaned right into her ear, boxing her in with his arms on either side of her head to hold her steady. His body was aligned with hers from knees to chest. He spoke softly but had her undivided attention. “I might just even like it when you fight me, sweetheart.”
Amelia bucked against him at that, causing him to chuckle. Oh yea, he was going to enjoy his mate and the entire struggle that came with her. He couldn’t argue with the perfection of their mating. After all, his nickname with the guys had always been Wildfire. What else could he have ever expected in a mate but an equal blaze?
Amelia’s eyes burned up at him when she shook her head and then directed her stare at him. “I’m ready if you are.” The challenge was given. The game had begun.
Gage licked a path from her ear and down her throat. Her response was immediate as the heat from his lips seared through her senses. She returned his kiss with an intensity that encouraged him to deepen his touches further. Amelia was all his.
Her powers caused bursts of sparkling light to explode as he ran his tongue along her lips, pressing in demand for her to let him inside. Gage intended on being inside every part of her before this night ended. It felt right to hold her tight with his arms and insist she accept him. Her moans only confirmed what he suspected. This was what his mate needed.

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