Favorite #Thursday13 Spanking Romances

It's no surprise to those of you who follow me that I've read a lot of Spanking Romance. For this week's Thursday13, here's a list of the books in this genre that I recommend most...
  1. Rules of War, Sue Lyndon - Actually, I like both books in the series but this is the first one. There's one from each of the main character's perspectives.
  2. The Point Of It All, Jade Cary - This is one of my favorite books, in any genre. The spanking is hot and the story stays with you once you're done reading.
  3. Safe In His Arms, Renee Rose - It has some suspense along with the spanking goodness. I just wish it had been longer.
  4. Body Politics, Cara Bristol - This is the third book in her Rod and Cane Society series but it's my favorite. They're a good beginner series for those interested, but less experienced, in the genre because the author explains the lifestyle very well.
  5. Naia and the Professor, Natasha Knight - This is a hot spanking story with easy characters to love. I'm waiting for more with the other brothers.
  6. Hold My Hand, Paloma Beck - I wrote this story about a young woman who begins the journey of entering into a domestic discipline relationship. The characters aren't perfect, they're real, so expect them to make mistakes.
  7. Under His Roof, Sadey Quinn - Falling in love with a man who disciplines for a living is crazy but the premise is addictive. Read both books for the full story.
  8. Pleasing the Colonel, Renee Rose - Historical Spanking was new to me when I read this and I've been hooked on historical romances ever since.
  9. Never Submit! by Korey Mae Johnson - The first book in the sci-fi spanking series, Swarii Brides, brings the kink into a whole new universe. Even those not sure about sci-fi will enjoy this story.
  10. Taken By The Beast, Natasha Knight - Holy smoking romance. A shifter, a strong female, and a spanking... the combination was combustible. Have ice on hand.
  11. As Natural As Breathing, Thianna D - A beautiful m/m love story with domestic discipline elements and so much more. You'll fall in love with these men.
  12. An Unexpected Husband by Constance Masters - You can so easily get swept into this sweet and savory spanking romance.
  13. Vanished Pride, Paloma Beck - I had to throw in my first book that I incorporated spanking. It's part of a paranormal series but each book focuses on a different couple. This couple just happens to be into spanking.
Who knew there was so much diversity in Spanking Romance? There's something for everyone... so what are you waiting for? Go, get started reading! Then let me know which books you liked. Oh, and be sure to go leave a review on Amazon or goodreads or another online site. It's the best way to show an author some love.



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