Hold My Hand for #Thursday13

I've discovered the New Adult genre this past Spring and have been devouring books in this genre ever since. I've displayed my favorites on my New Adult BOOK NOOK Board on Pinterest for those interested.

I wanted to know what made this sub-genre different from Young Adult or Adult Contemporary and found this great definition below. It also made me think that I had inadvertently created a character that belonged in a New Adult book... I don't know, maybe her story is better categorized there. I just found HOLD MY HAND on a goodreads list for New Adult books of 2013 after all.

Aubrey, my main character, is struggling with coming into her own. She's graduated from college and is floundering in taking her next steps in life. She hasn't yet let go of her childhood baggage. She hasn't yet discovered her inner strength though she does meet a man who sees through her sadness. As she becomes involved with William, she finds herself.

Since the New Adult genre is all about characters who are in that time of their lives when they're discovering themselves, it fits. I hadn't thought about it that way before... perhaps I have unwittingly created a New Adult Spanking Romance.

Here's 13 Sentences from HOLD MY HAND where Aubrey reflects on her childhood.

When I was younger, I’d dream of my mother standing up for me.
She would speak back to my father when he called me names. That was only a dream. Aside from our family outings to church, I received no reprieve from my father’s constant berating. The most I knew I could hope for was escape so I kept my head down and my grades up, was accepted with a scholarship to a college far away and ran without looking back.

My mother was less direct. She’d tell me all about the good things my father had done lately. She’d remind me they missed me. I’d respond in kind but then count the minutes until I could hang up the phone. Happy to have so much distance between us, I remained in Boston after my graduation. With my family all living in the same town in Ohio, I was a safe distance away from the burdens of my childhood. Now, if only I could forget the words once spoken… if only it were as simple as William supposed, needing only to say ‘I am perfect’ enough to believe it.

HOLD MY HAND available now in ebook and paperback.
TOUCH MY HEART available Fall 2013.


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