#TantalizingTuesday Resolve

I had to touch her as she kneeled before me. My hands ran along her flesh until I had the globes of her ass in my hands. Then I leaned my head against her stomach and breathed in her scent. I was surrounded by her essence and it was both sweet and provocative. How could I make it through this night with my resolve?

I ran my finger along the seam of her panties, cleared my throat, suddenly dry, and told her, “I believe it’s best if we leave these on tonight.”

Her grunt of disapproval was quickly followed by a gasp as I grabbed her wrists and held them. Grinning, I tasted her breasts, feasted on them as I held her in place. A rush of ownership flooded me as I took her in, so submissive before me. Her sweet alabaster skin, the brushing of freckles that dusted most of her body, was otherwise unblemished, unmarred. I thrilled at how my simple touch caused her flesh to pinken. She’d wear my marks so well someday.

Tonight though, we'd wait. Even if it killed me, I'd wait until I made damn sure she was ready to take all of me.

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to write a two-hundred word teaser every Tuesday.CLICK HERE for a full list of participating authors or go to the Tantalizing Tuesday blog

BUT FIRST, please tell me what you think. Sometimes I use this weekly meme to try out characters for potential future books. Your feedback helps me and I appreciate it.


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