A #TantalizingTuesday Snack

“Don’t move. I want you just like this.”

His tongue entered me slowly, eyes locked on mine, hands fastened on my hips to hold them down. He pressed his tongue in slowly –ever so slowly– and I could only wait for my fill. I was held down so completely, there was nowhere for me to go. The pressure inside my core built.

The rough rasp of his whiskers was decadent as his scent surrounded me. I wanted, no, I needed more. I lifted my hips, just a nudge to find the right spot. He applied more pressure to my hips. I whined and rubbed against him.

“Do not move.” His stern command pulled me up short. I closed my eyes to center myself but a pinch to my nipple caused them to open. “Keep your eyes open. Watch me.”

He wasn't to be dissuaded from his task. He lowered his mouth to my core again, leisurely licking along my folds. I was ready to scream at the slow torture when I felt his fingers on my nipples. He pinched, over and over, each time with more pressure. I felt the sting of tears as he released my peaks and sucked hard on my clit.

This time, he allowed me to push against him just as the pressure dragged me under.

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to write a two-hundred word teaser every Tuesday.CLICK HERE for a full list of participating authors or go to the Tantalizing Tuesday blog

BUT FIRST, please tell me what you think. Sometimes I use this weekly meme to try out characters for potential future books. Your feedback helps me and I appreciate it.


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