Cowboys on a Fence #Tantalizing Tuesday

Josie bumps her shoulder into Macy. "I've got a twenty says I can get the one on the right into bed within ten minutes after this rodeo ends."

"I've got another twenty says I can get that cowboy in the middle out of those tight ass jeans by the time the next event starts," Sarah chimes in, joining them as they admire the three fine looking men on the fence.

Macy takes a pull from her beer and nods her head. “I can beat you both. I’ve got twenty says I can talk the one on the left down off the fence for a quickie behind the medical tent.”

“No way. Cowboys need their focus, Macy. Don’t mess with him now,” Josie warns.

“No telling what he’d do if you break his concentration.” Sarah shakes her head.

“That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.” Macy walks over to the cowboys. She whispers to the one she’s claimed and he jumps down from the fence, taking off for the tent with Macy over his shoulder.

The other two cowboys turn and look toward Sarah and Josie. “Just what are you fine ladies up to?”

“Just checking out our husbands,” they laugh.

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