31 Days of Halloween In Shadows

It's time for the 3rd Annual 31 Days of Halloween event at In Shadows. Brynna Curry is hosting a different author each day on her blog and giving away a ridiculously huge number of books, including a book from my Seven Sin Sisters series! Take a look at the list below for the schedule of guest authors. Jump over to her blog OR Enter using the rafflecopter below. Winners announced on In Shadows on Halloween.

31 Days of Halloween Guest List
10-2:  Merissa McCain
10-3:  Joanne Wadsworth
10-4:  Mae Clair
10:5:  Paloma Beck
10-6:  Jami Gray
10-7: Anna Alexander
10-8:  S.J. Maylee
10-9:  Kyra Jacobs
10-10:  Lynn Cahoon
10-11:  Esther Wheelmaker
10-11:  Rosanna Leo
10:13:  Linda Nightingale
10-14:  Amaris Champman
10-15: Dina Keratsis
10-16:  Renita Pizzitola
10-18: Elyzabeth VaLey
10-19: Dianne Hartsock
10-20:  Barbara Edwards
10-21:  Nerine Dorman
10-22:  Amber Kallyn
10:23:  Tera Shanley
10-24:  Elodie Parkes
10-25:  MQ Barber
10-26:  Karen McCullough
10-27:  Melynda Price
10-28: Donina Lynn
10:29: Tricia Ballad
10-30:  Gemma Brocato
10-31:  Brynna Curry and Winner Annoucements


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