A Special Halloween #Thursday13

Happy Halloween!
For today's Thursday Thirteen post, it's a special Halloween edition. Here's 13 BOOK CHARACTERS authors, bloggers, reviewers and other book lovers would choose to dress up as for Halloween. Read through the list -maybe check out some books- and then comment to share what character you'd choose...

1 Livvie from Captive's Desire! She's strong, she's knows how to fly a futuristic airship, she's gorgeous - and most importantly, she gets spanked by Hayden Hawke. I love that man. -Natasha Knight

2 Daisy in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. The era symbolizes one of liberation for women, where they bobbed their hair and lifted their hemlines. I love the glitz of the flapper dresses, the peppy music, and the general zany atmosphere of the Roaring 20's. The hero and heroine in my WIP, Mind Your Goddess - Wytchfae 3, insisted on traveling  back in time to the Roaring 20's! -Flossie Benton Rogers

3 Nikki from the Spark Trilogy by J. Kenner would be hot. Well, being with Damien Stark would be hot especially when he says “Possess. Have. Hold. Enjoy. Control. Dominate. Pick your verb, Ms. Fairchild. I intend to explore so very many of them.” On fire hot!
4 Cat from the Night Huntress Series. I could seriously kick some butt with her abilities. She's one of the toughest heroines around.

5 Leigh, my vampire from Blood Purple because she is the version of me that I keep hidden from the world. My deepest and darkest thoughts and desires come out inside her mind. Blood Series is where Leigh Khaled is from, her book will be Blood Green (Spring release) which is the sequel to Blood Purple and Blood Yellow. -Ashley Nemer

6 Dr. Jane from Black Dagger Brotherhood -Angie, Twinsie Talk

7 The "official training period" uniform I use in my Vala's Story series. A thick black posture collar of about 2.5 inches with large D ring on one side, a simple black chest harness with O rings positioned in the middle of the back and just under the breasts, completed with a black g-string. -Joelle Casteel

8 Eve Dallas....just cause she is married to Roarke... from the In Death series by JD Robb. -Tyra, Guilty Indulgence Review Site
9 Rachel Morgan from the Kim Harrison books. Because she is an awesome kick ass witch/demon. -Anya Kelleye, Anya Keyelle Designs

10 Amelia Peabody Emerson, the intrepid Victorian Egyptologist created by
Elizabeth Peters. She’s made an indelible appearance in nearly twenty entertaining books. She’s intelligent, confident to a fault, and loves to play detective. She’s also surrounded by a wonderful cast of characters including her equally brilliant husband Radcliffe and her precocious son Ramses. There’s always a mystery to solve and lots of Egyptological lore in each volume along with reams of witty dialogue. -Rachel Verhoff w/a Lynn Rae

11  In the past I've gone out for Halloween in a variety of costumes. I was even an outhouse once, with a door that opened and a toilet seat inside. I've been a witch, a vamp, and Raggedy Ann. I've also been a hobo, a clown, and Cinderella. If I had to pick a character from my book, Grand Slam, coming out in January, I'd choose the Raven's team mascot. Yup. I'd be a big giant black bird with a red baseball cap. No skimpy outfits for me. -MH Susanne Matthews
12 Eloise from Eternal Envy, Seven Sin Sisters book two. I never get the chance to wear fancy, fun shoes but it's a secret whimsy of mine. I'd like to be her for a night... especially if I could have her mate for a night too! ;) Paloma

what book character would you dress up as??


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