One Night. One Mistake. 13 Sentences.

This week's Thursday13 is brought to you by fellow SCP author, Dilys Carnie. She is sharing 13 sentences from her book One Night One Mistake and also offering a giveaway - details are at the bottom of the post.

1. The beat of her heart thundered but she wouldn’t let him see how affected she was at his appearance.

2. That big hand she used to swing from side to side as they walked, once so strong now gently squeezed hers for the very last time.

3. His reflexes were honed into the sound and he swung away just in time to grab the heavy object before it connected to his head.

4. “Damn silly dog never listens to a word I say.” Gabe laughed as Cherry jumped up giving him a swoop of her tongue almost covering the whole of his face.

5. “You weren’t interested enough to come after me eight years ago, don’t patronize me by being interested now.”

6. “Don’t say a word.” She said to him as the nurse came in to help her get dressed.

7. “My God, you take my breath away.” He looked down at her, his expression slightly glazed and his lips parted.

8. He stared into space not really sure what he was looking at but knowing he couldn’t see anything but his mother’s face as she died in his arms.

9. “Déjà vu, she whispered “I think we’ve been here before.”

10. “If you keep looking at me like that I won’t be responsible for my actions.” His voice was low and husky.

11. As he walked around to his side, he felt his stomach constrict at the thought of what he was about to ask
and as he sat in his seat he clenched the steering wheel.

12. Holly hell. She licked her lips. A smattering of dark hair covered his chest then arrowed between his impressive six pack, past his belly button into the waistband of his pants.

13. She knew the place, she could see the little angel wings and her heart gave a little jump, a lump in her throat made her stop for a second as she swallowed and took those last few steps.

WIN a printed copy of One Night One Mistake and specially made book mark. HERE'S HOW:
  • Visit Dilys's Website and answer this question: Dilys lives on an Island in the U.K called Anglesey. Anglesey is known as ‘The Island for……?’
  • Email with your answer.
  • Winner will be chosen on 30/10/2013.


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