Road Trip In The Shadows

I'm the guest author today In The Shadows.
Brynna Curry is hosting 31 Days of Halloween on her blog, In The Shadows. It's a spooky good time! You don't want to miss it if you like Paranormal Romance - she's giving away 31 books throughout the month of October, including my Seven Sin Sisters series. Follow the link below to read my post and to enter the contest.

Don't you love free books??

The Seven Sin Sisters
Seven Sisters. Seven Sins. And Seven Mates to Redeem them.

Lust | Envy | Greed | Pride | Anger | Sloth | Gluttony

The seven deadly sins are transgressions that hinder spiritual growth. Essentially, to be owned fully by one of the seven deadly sins means to not be able to grow into one’s own potential. This is the very thing that intrigued me. I wanted each sister to carry one of the sins and then began the concept of linking men to their salvation from their sins. How better to tie the two mates together than to have the male be the one who truly rescues her from herself? Is there any greater way to become a hero than this?

But then I read – and read – and read – and there are so many ways the deadly sins can manifest themselves within a person... READ MORE BY CLICKING HERE.


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