The Perfect View of #TantalizingTuesday

I had the perfect view from my bedroom window. And I really mean, the perfect view. Rylan's hunk of metal -his beloved classic- sat in his backyard next door and every day, he spent hours working on it. It was hard labor and most days, to my delight, Rylan stripped out of his shirt within minutes.

The way he stripped out of it -you know, that way guys have when they grab the back collar and pull the shirt over their heads single-handed- was better than any strip tease I could imagine. The fabric smoothed slowly up his torso and revealed the ripples of muscle that caused that tingling feeling. And when those swirling tats along his shoulders made their appearance, that was a whole other level of yummy.

No boys my own age were that muscular. And none made me feel that burning in the most private of places.
I nudged closer to the corner of my window, careful to stay hidden from Rylan’s view. I’d never be so brazen to watch him if he could see me. I’d definitely never let on that I watched. What would he think? What would my sister think if she knew I craved her boyfriend?

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