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Welcome AJ Best to Romance Beckons.

I am what one would call a voracious bibliophile.

Ever since I was a little girl, I lived at the library. During summer hours I was there from opening until closing. This started a habit that has lasted throughout my adult years.

The first time I saw a library book sale I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Books for only $0.25 each? How could I not take some home? The poor little darlings had no one but me to take them home.

Then came yard sales. Some had books were as low as $0.05 each! Now I don't want you to think that the only reason I bought these tomes of wonder and delight was to stare at them. I did find some wonderful new authors. David Baldacci, James Paterson, Piers Anthony, and Nicholas Sparks.

I have two goals in life:
1.) Collect all Piers Anthony books, currently I have about half of them so far.
2.) I want to hold a book of mine and be able to autograph it for my wonderful readers.

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What kind of books do you like to buy and read?
Do you prefer paper books or e-books? (I just checked and I have 960 books for my Kindle.)

It seemed more and more lately that no matter how hard she tried, he looked right through her. It was infuriating and heart breaking. She'd had enough heartbreak during the past year to last her a lifetime. Her mother had been sick battling cancer all last year. Unfortunately she’d lost the battle. She’d made sure to pass on information to Mary while on her deathbed though.

Something Mary had never seen coming. She was adopted. Her world felt as if she had lost all control.

The adoption information that her mother had left with her will quickly found its way into the trash. Why would she want to find someone who didn't want her? She had enough instances of that in her own home. She did wonder, after a year, if she had reacted too rashly. You never know when you'll need family, and if she met her biological mother maybe she could figure out who she was, inside and out.

Mary plopped herself on the bed and let out a huge rush of air. There was no way Joe hadn’t noticed her outfit. She had bought it specifically for their ten-year anniversary night.

She remembered how she had anxiously awaited this evening and decided that she would make it perfect no matter how she was feeling. Every year on this day, they left the house at four twenty five and drove to the lake where he had romantically declared his undying love and proposed to her. He always hired a horse drawn carriage. The prancing steed would take them from the lake to a lovely candlelit dinner for two. After having one too many glasses of wine and a wonderful meal, they would enjoy a leisurely stroll to the theater. Wicked was currently playing on Broadway, and she couldn’t wait to hear the music that made her soul dance and her heart soar. Re-reading the book several times had her excited, and she knew the night would be perfect.

Then reality reared its ugly head.

Carefully she unlaced her corset and tossed the silky white thong in the corner; it still held the dampness from her unquenched desire.

"I can't believe I wasted my time and effort on this. Sometimes my husband is such a jerk," when she took a look around it dawned on her that she was talking to herself. Another deep breath and swish of hair and she mused, "I guess it's okay to talk to myself as long as I don't answer back, huh CC?"

She slipped her silk robe on quickly and snatched the cat from his slumberous repose. He squirmed to free himself but Mary kissed his little nose first. "Don't be like your daddy, at least notice I'm here." She placed the cat gently on the bed and started her morning ritual. Getting ready for work was the last thing she was interested in.


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