Hey Authors! Want Reviews? JOIN our #NetGalley Cooperative!

There are opportunities on NetGalley for self-published and indie-published authors! And I'm excited about what this means -the doors it opens- for today's authors. While there are a few other options, the most affordable and independent option is to join a Cooperative.

What's a Cooperative (CoOp)? A group of authors who share access to twenty title slots for one year. Each individual author can swap out as many titles as they need during that year.

After finding other CoOps full in 2014, I formed a NEW Cooperative. We have a diverse group of authors with high quality books, from New Adult to Contemporary, Paranormal to Historical, GLBT to Sci-Fi. Our heat levels range from sweet to erotic. We offer books for all types of reviewers!

With another year beginning, we'll be welcoming back authors who've been a part of the co-op this past year and accepting new authors to join us. Indie authors interested in being a part of the ROMANCE BECKONS INDIE COOPERATIVE should contact me by email. Use "NetGalley CoOp" as your subject.
What Does NetGalley Do?
NetGalley provides a place where authors/publishers can upload their ebooks (ARCs or older titles) and reviewers can request a copy for review. If approved, NetGalley readers will read and review the titles.

NetGalley gives you fast and easy access to the 120,000 bloggers, journalists, librarians, booksellers, and media people who use NetGalley. And these reviewers are some high profile groups - movers and shakers in the book review realm.

LOOK AT THESE STATS from this past year...
On the first day of getting the Romance Beckons Cooperative started, we had 20 titles live in our online catalog, with 673 approved requests, of which 428 were downloaded immediately. By the end of that week, reviews began rolling in, and requests and approvals continued strong.

Throughout 2014, our cooperative listed 240 books which garnered over 7800 review requests. Of those requests, approximately 5950 were approved for review. Of those, approximately 4650 posted reviews. Three authors have been contacted by media professionals regarding tv/ screen options.

Become A Member.
Preferred Memberships are available for a full year at $325. Memberships are also available for six months at $165 and three months at $90. The selected months for these memberships are based on limited openings. Many authors have requested a single month listing. Though available for $35, a single month listing is not recommended as the success of listed books on NetGalley is greater when a book remains live for sixty days. The average listing time for books on NetGalley is three months. A single month can be purchased through authors who wish to sell an unused month during the year. If interested in a single month, your name and contact info will be provided on a list for authors to contact when looking to sell.

What Membership Gets You...
  • It includes a year's worth of NetGalley access for as many books as you want! NetGalley allows you to switch them out which means you could have a new book live each month. 
  • It saves you the time of querying reviewers/ bloggers directly. No more cold call emails! 
  • It exposes your book to the right reviewers. NetGalley allows the reviewer to request the books they believe matches their reading interest so your book lands in the right hands. 
  • It puts your book in front of a diverse audience. NetGalley reviewers include librarians and other media people, as well as book bloggers, general Goodreads reviewers and booksellers. 
  • It places the power in your hands. You personally complete the book information and approve the review requests. You have the ultimate authority in how your book is presented.
Want more details? 
The CoOp page on my blog includes FAQs. If you'd like more information, follow this link: NetGalley Cooperative.

We are accepting new memberships through the first week of February.


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