Sometimes A Break Is All You Need

What do you do when not even coffee gives you the boost you need? when all your inspiration seems dried up?

I took a month off. It was nearly the holiday season and it seemed like perfect timing. It was priceless. I spent the time entirely focused on my family. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed.

I've taken small breaks before, done those small things to re-energize but this lull felt like it needed more. My creativity was at its lowest in the fall. For the first year, I hadn't completed NaNo and I wasn't getting any worthwhile writing accomplished. The frustration filled me with anxiety. I was spinning my wheels and couldn't get a grasp on my goals.

I was spending too much time on blogging and marketing, and didn't have enough time for writing. I needed to refocus in a big way.

When I decided to take a step away, an extended vacation, a weight was lifted. I cleared my desk of any pending obligations, set my "vacation" message and walked away.
Our Magic Bands!

What a difference a few weeks makes!
After the holidays and a "fun-tastic" (Noodle's word, not mine) trip to Disney World, a new energy is brewing inside me. By New Years, I was jotting down story notes and my characters were visiting me again.

Now, I'm back and making plans for the new year, committing to writing goals that will exceed those in previous years. The creative juices are flowing and I'm thrilled.

Sometimes all you need is a little time to refuel.
In 2015, I plan to publish six books. Three will complete current series, and the others will begin a new series that will likely be written in another pen name. Be sure to follow my blog or find me on other social media networks to keep updated on my new releases.

Talk To Me.
What do you do to refuel?


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