#WWoW! Planner or Pantser? Doesn't Matter. #NaNoWriMo is for You!

Writing isn't easy. Nobody tells you that when you say "I want to write a book." The idea of writing and the actual process of writing are two entirely different things. If you want to write for a living -not a hobby- writing is work. I keep a schedule and use my word count to measure my work day, but each year, for just one month, I push myself to write more. It's NaNoWriMo!

Are You NaNo-ing? November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as #NaNoWriMo. It happens each November and many authors, including me, find it motivational. It pushes my word count higher for the month and typically spurs on higher word counts for a few months afterwards too.

It doesn't matter if you're a planner or a pantser? NaNo can work for you!

Planner BadgeYou believe in rigorous preparation.
You’ll spend the months before November carefully fleshing out characters, building worlds, and plotting your story.
On November 1, you’ll have an outline—or at least lots of helpful notes.
Pantser BadgeYou believe in hardcore spontaneity.
You’ll spend the months before November stocking up on inspiration and mayyybe a vague idea or two (if you’re ambitious).
On November 1, you’ll have a blank document and your imagination.

NOW is the time to sign up. You can do that here. You will definitely want to set up a profile and bookmark it because this is where you will go each day or so to update your writing stats. You'll also earn badges and be able to see your writing progress which I admit is a crazy good motivator for me.

1. After you register, find me on the NaNo website and we can be buddies! Even though I'm writing as Becca Layne (my alternate pen name), I'm registered as PalomaBeck.

2. Find NaNoWriMo on these social media sites:


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