Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Tell Us on the #MistletoeHop! Read, Engage, #Win!

Merry Mistletoe Hop!
Sometimes being naughty is so much more fun than being nice... as long as you know when to let your naughty out, and when to hide it away. Wouldn't you agree? I'd like to say I've been naughty but there's this inner good girl that lives inside me holding me back from the edge of naughty. Damn her!

Whether you've been naughty or nice, you can still WIN two AUDIOBOOKS (my prize). In the comments, just tell me which it is for you... NAUGHTY or NICE... and leave your email.

The first two books in my contemporary romance series are now available on audiobook, read by the talented narrator Kim Parks.

Coming Home, Porter Brothers Book One
Rachel Porter, a romance writer, has told her three sons tales of finding their true soul mate since they were just boys. She lives with the belief that there is but one match for every person. Now as men, they have yet to discover their soul mates. That is, until they come home…

Ryan Porter, Rachel’s oldest son, needs a change from his busy city lifestyle. After five years of living in New York and establishing his own real estate firm, something is still missing. When a family tragedy brings Ryan back to his family’s rural home, he meets Tyra. She just might be the catalyst for the change he needs, redirecting the course of his life. But first he must accept his relationship with his parents and embrace Tyra’s secrets.

Never Coming Home, Porter Brothers Novella
I have a story to tell, a story I promised never to tell. Hell, it isn't even one I wanted to live through. I just can't keep it inside anymore... now that they're both gone. I have to tell My Story.

Rachel Porter tells her sons about the love of her life, about their father and about their life together. This novella tells the story of the beginning of the Porter family through the Vietnam War, too many losses and a new beginning. It's a tale her sons won't forget, and one that could change them for all time.


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