My Name is Paloma Beck and I'm a Binger. #MFRWauthor #binging #AmazonPrime

I Must Confess... I'm A Binge Watcher.

I don't watch tv often but when I get the inkling for idle distraction, I'll binge watch shows and watch entire seasons in a few days. I like how immersed and connected I feel to the show when I watch it this way.

Some of my favorite binge-worthy shows I've discovered have been:
Sons of Anarchy  -  The Tudors  -  Ray Donovan  -  Vikings  -  Kingdom  -  Reign  -  Game of Thrones  -  Nashville  -  True Blood  -  The 100

Thanks to Amazon Prime -and my Amazon Fire Stick- I can watch nearly anything I desire any time I want. Tack on a basic subscription to Hulu and Netflix, and my busy schedule doesn't stop me from binge-ing whenever I get the chance.

What a fun blogging opportunity! Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) hosts a 52-Week Blog Challenge... and I've joined in. Each week, they post a writing prompt and you sign up to participate as often as possible - the ultimate goal is to do all fifty-two weeks. Follow this link if you'd like to join in!

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