#QueenOfMyKingdom Survival Guide for Families of #Writers (#MFRWauthor 52-week Challenge)

My Family's Survival Guide
I asked my boys what it's like having a mom that's an author. There was discussion about the secret of writing with a pen name, which they were thankful for since I write about sex! Did I mention I have three teenage sons? And the very idea of me writing about sex makes them blush - even when I remind them its romance, not just sex!

When we moved on to talking about day-to-day life, they were more insightful than I expected. They knew my routine! Noodle, my 13yo, says everything is normal when I stop working at three o'clock (that's when they get home from school) but when I don't come down from my office right away, that usually means a scene isn't going so good. Had I said that to him before? He shakes his head. Hopper, my 17yo, explains they know because those are my quiet nights when I'm "all up in my head." Those are the nights they leave me alone and sometimes they find me back at my computer after dinner time. Hmm... that is something to think about.

Peanut, my 18yo, brings up deadlines. He's not so keen on the frozen dinners I make ahead of time and keep in the freezer for those crunch times when I'm trying to finish a manuscript. When Peanut is home (he's away at college now), we use the same method we've used since I first began writing... if my door is closed, writing can't be disturbed. An open door means I can stop whatever I'm working on if they need me. I'm careful to leave the door open as much as possible.

So survival (at least for my family) boils down to these tenants... secrecy, quiet, food and routine.
What a fun blogging opportunity! Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) is hosting a 52-Week Blog Challenge... and I've joined in. Each week, they post a writing prompt and you sign up to participate as often as possible - the ultimate goal is to do all fifty-two weeks.

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