Two Men and a Baby on #TantalizingTuesday

"She's perfect," Trent says over my shoulder.
I smile without taking my eyes off the baby I hold in my arms. I haven't stopped staring since the nurse handed her to me. The fragile little piece of me, now born and in my arms, has shaken me to my core. Her dark lashes lay against her chubby pink cheeks. Her soft skin is warm against mine as I cuddle her to my chest.
Trent bumps my shoulder with his own, growing impatient with me. "Stuart, let me hold our daughter."
My hands tremble as I place her in his arms. A wave of peace rushes over me seeing her tiny body in his strong hands. Together, we will care for this sweet girl. No harm will come to her. She'll want for nothing. We overcame insurmountable odds to get her here, and now she's the most important thing in our lives.
"She looks like her mother," I whisper.
But Trent is mesmerized. He's not taking his eyes from her. I know the feeling all too well so I stand near him and watch as she finally opens her beautiful eyes. They're the color of the sky just like our Lilly.
(c) Paloma Beck, 2017

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