A Novel World.

What does it mean when you prefer your characters to the people around you?  Sometimes it is the ultimate escape for me to turn on my computer and be in the world of my book.  I like my characters, or at least I get my characters.  Their motivations are clear, their actions authentic.  I can almost figure them out better than the people around me in the real world... and it isn't just because I created them.  They do have minds of their own and sometimes following them as I construct their world makes me think I should've worn my running shoes.  In fact, there are days when I can't write fast enough to follow them. 

But I like them, even when they aren't someone I would usually like because they stay true to themselves.  You have to admire that, right?  I believe this is what will ensure that readers will like them too.  Even when they won't agree with them, even when we know their decisions aren't the ones we would make, we'll respect them or understand them.


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