A Reader. A Friend.

So I have been sharing my full manuscript with a fellow writer this past month. It's intimidating to have someone I didn't know so well review my work. Until now, I have only showed passages to close friends and family. And what are they going to do? Really, they aren't going to tell me it stinks, even if it does. But Jenn... Jenn will tell me. So I need her. I need a person who knows good writing from bad writing and can critique enough so that I can make it better. But boy it was scary the first time I sent a chapter. Then it was scary opening the file with her feedback. Now though, it's exciting. I live for it because it encourages me. I have written more solid material since Jenn joined my process. So cheers to my reader, cheers to my new friend.


  1. I take great pride in being "your" reader...your passion for writing is evident and the story you have to tell is an exciting process to watch unfold. Whatever you have to say, I want to see...so, as I always say - bring it! ;-)


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