A Realist. A Fiction Writer.

So, I am basically this eternal realist.  The irony that I am writing paranormal fiction is not lost on me.  Creating a world that does not exist, and cannot exist, in the world in which I live has been two very different experiences for me.

Writing in this other world is challenging for me because I am forcing my imagination to go beyond the boundaries in which I live. Accepting a new world and believing it myself comes slowly but I am aware that if I don't buy into it, how can I expect others to believe it.  I struggle with giving myself the permission to allow this other world not to fit neatly into the world in which I live. This makes writing work sometimes - it makes it a challenge.

But mostly it is freeing because there are no boundaries for my imagination.  As a realist, I have forced myself to live within personal-made boundaries that limit me in a variety of ways.  But they also give me a structure in which I feel comfortable.  When I am writing, by myself and in my own space, I feel the safety without needing the structure.  So my imagination is endless and I can create something entirely not real.  It is like I breathe differently while I write than any other moment during my day.


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