Do You Want to Keep Reading?

Here's an excerpt from the contemporary romance I'm currently working on... this is just the beginning. It's got a bunch of work to be done but I would love some feedback... does it interest you enough to want to keep reading??

Ryan’s phone rang from somewhere on the floor where they had thrown their clothes on their way to bed.
“If you answer that damn thing again…” Kimmi said as Ryan removed his arm from across her bare chest. If they could spend only one night without Ryan needing to take a client phone call, it would be too much to ask. It was two in the morning, for God’s sake, and there should be some time that was sacred, some time that was for her alone when she didn’t have to share him with his job and his demanding clients.
Ryan was passionate – Kimmi loved that about him – but that passion extended to everything he did, not just her. And she wanted that passion bottled up and used for her. She wanted all of him and she knew she didn’t have that yet. Kimmi knew she could get it. She was just a few steps away from netting Ryan, getting that ring and having the life she’d dreamed of. But damned him if he thought she’d put up with his clients interrupting their time.
As he reached for the phone, Kimmi threw her legs off the side of the bed, wrapped herself in the sheet and stomped off to the bathroom. Ryan saw Kimmi roll her eyes and sigh but he didn’t give it a second thought. There were too many clients looking at major real estate right now to ignore a call. This was how he earned his money, how he was able to take her to all the places she loved, how they were able to live as they did.
He knew Kimmi needed to live this level of life – she always had, she’d been raised this way and knew nothing else. But hell, if he had to choose, he just might have to admit that his business gave him more satisfaction that Kimmi did. And if she pushed, he’d walk. Kimmi was good for his business but she wasn’t the one. She was the daughter of a prominent client who turned over real estate on the island and gave Ryan his first break into major deals that took his company to top level. Hell, he put Ryan on the radar. Ryan owed this man and appreciated the position, even knowing that it came with the promise of providing the life his daughter needed.
His mother had always told Ryan and his brothers when they were growing up that there was the one true soul mate for every man, a woman who was meant to be his alone to love and care for, and who would in return love and care for him beyond all others. Ryan knew with certainty that Kimmi was not his soul mate. This may be why he’d never introduced Kimmi to his parents. His mother would know right away and looking into her eyes would immediately send him the message he couldn’t receive. Because he needed Kimmi in his life right now. That was the reality – that was real – his mother’s bedtime stories, her promises of a soul mate for each of them, were fantasy. Ryan couldn’t live in a fantasy world. Life wasn’t about fantasy but about reality.
So he dropped his gaze from Kimmi to flip his phone over and see what client needed him now. But his caller id told him it wasn’t a client and he took a deep breath before answering. Hairs on his neck were raised – something was wrong. “Hi mother.”


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