I Submitted.

I did it. I pushed that one simple button that very well nearly had me running for a bottle of wine. Submit. There it sat at the bottom of the submission form - I had already filled in all the blanks - just tormenting me. What if I had forgotten something? What if I could make the story better? What if the editor hates it? What if I never hit submit and it was a story that people will want to read? What if I never followed the dream?

So I did it. I submitted a short story for an on-line contest. Are you curious what its about? Here's a teaser...
“Open the damn door,” Madden’s deep voice vibrated through the thin door of the Sinster sister’s home. He pounded and it seemed as if his large fists were going to knock down her door. He probably could if he wanted to.
Crap, her sisters had sworn he hadn’t followed her home. And now their neighbors were going to have a coronary over all the noise if she didn’t let him in. They were always complaining that her family was too loud for the neighborhood. But darn if it was all her fault, with her sisters running in and out at all hours of the night. And none of them chose to live here – the house was a gift from their parents – but in truth, neither would they choose to live anywhere else.
“Damn it, Layla, I saw your eyes,” Madden continued pounding on the door as he shouted, “I know.” He had the good grace to lower his voice at the final two words but she heard them deep in her bones. With those two words, her hands became clammy, her heartbeat accelerated and a sensation lit in her stomach.
She knew this feeling – that warmth in her lower stomach, that dull ache between her legs. It was one she had managed to avoid for years. Lust. It was her soul sin. She was destined to feel lust for only one being in her lifetime. And when she did feel it – when she saw Madden tonight – she ran like a bat out of hell. Layla was all too aware that as legend told it, lust that came on a night brightened by a full moon was for her mate.
She absolutely couldn’t believe this. Layla, the careful one, is the first to be taken. She knew – they all knew – that this would happen to each of them. Their mother and aunts had explained it all but she didn’t want to be the first. They would definitely torment her as only sisters could, teasing her that she had fallen first.
“Layla, you get two more minutes before I push this damn door in instead of acting the very gentleman I am.” It wasn’t a threat. It was a clear warning. And she would meet it head on. After all, it wasn’t like he was wrong. He was hot and she was horny. Lust had shown itself tonight and she couldn’t deny it. She wanted him. She lusted for him. And before the night was over, sure as destiny spoke, she would be his. But why not make it a little fun?


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