Six Sentence Sunday

Another six sentences from the first book in my Seven Sin Sisters series, Lustful Cravings, due out August 2012. In this excerpt, Anton lends his support to Madden.

Madden’s fist went through the wall like a knife through butter.  Without a single scratch to show and still not feeling any better, he sat down, sighed and hung his head between his legs to think. The room was quiet - a peacefulness filled Madden while he took a few deep breaths. Smiling a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, he connected with Anton from across the room and shook his head at his friend who’d used his powers to calm him. “A clear head is all you need. You are her protector and you will protect her," Anton spoke in wisdom.  

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  1. Very nice six! I like the picture you created of the scene.

  2. He seems torn. Gotta love handsome protectors!


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