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Author Focus: Jennifer Labelle

Three Words to Bliss: 
Spice It Up the trilogy

I’m delighted to announce that my third print release with Secret Cravings Publishing, Three Words to Bliss is releasing later this month. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my Spice It Up trilogy, stay tuned …

It only took 
three words of advice 
to inspire them.
It all started with Nathan and Heidi in Spice It Up,
Heidi Taylor fell in love with a man who’s off limits. He’s her best friend and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels, that is until Nathan suggests she needs a little spice in her love life, and designates himself as her something spicy.


Then continued with their lover Rafe in the second installment Finding His Something Spicy,
Rafe Zakas had no intention of settling down until he fell hard for his two closest friends, Nathan and Heidi. Their perfect trio falls apart when Nathan gets a job offer, relocating them, and Rafe realizes he needs his own something spicy to love.


And continued again with sexy rock star Lyric Cooper and newbie Meagan in Lyrics and Lust,
Meagan Morales hits a rough patch in life and in love, until she meets successful rocker, Lyric Cooper. Just when she opens up to the idea of a new love, danger lurks in the shadows and she may need to risk her heart again to survive it.


Three loving couples, three incredible stories, and the erotic encounters that heat their sheets…
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Before I go, please enjoy this excerpt from Nathan and Heidi’s story Spice It Up,
I’m going to kill him, she thought as she watched her long time best friend approach with a smile on his sinfully gorgeous face. Nathan De Costa oozed sex appeal, tall with thick black hair, gorgeous green eyes that sparkled, and a confident smile that told everyone in the room he knew how attractive he was, sauntered towards her with a cocky sway. That smile though, gah, she loved it, but wanted to smack it off of his smug face right then. Her gaze travelled down his lickable torso to his muscular thighs encased in the jeans he seemed to fill out in all the right places. She resisted the urge to lick her lips.
It really sucked being in love with a man you knew would never return your feelings, at least not in the same way. Sure he loved her, he just wasn’t in love, so she worked hard to get over it.
Heidi Taylor moved from Maryland to the small town of Port Jervis three years ago with barely a penny to her name. She replied to an ad looking for a roommate, and that’s how she’d met Nathan. At first sight she fell in instant lust with the man. He was confident, respectful, and sexy as hell. What was there not to like? They’d hit it off instantly and eventually her lustful crush turned into so much more, but her fantasies came to a screeching halt once she realized he was gay. It seemed like all the good ones were.
She sighed, thinking about it. Her love life sucked; in fact, that’s why she was stuck in a club she knew nothing about. Nathan recommended it hoping she’d get laid. Dateless, for the last six months her battery supply ran high and his advice was she needed something to spice it up a little, of course meaning someone to fulfill some much neglected desires. B.O.B just wasn’t as good as he used to be. The truth is she missed the real thing, but she was pretty selective about whom she allowed into her bed, regardless of loneliness.
Nathan had a mischievous look about him while he talked her into it, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Instead he dragged her shopping for something sexy to wear, and promised he’d meet her there for a couple of drinks to loosen her up.
So there she was sitting on a bar stool, completely out of place in her short skirt, four inch fuck-me heels, and low cut slim fitting shirt that left little to the imagination, while everyone else seemed to be comfortable in jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts.
He was an hour late, and she felt like a hooker.
“Hey beautiful.” He leaned on the bar beside her and looked around the club like nothing was the matter.
“Don’t you ‘hey beautiful’ me. Where the hell were you? And, why did you make me wear this stuff when you clearly knew I’d stand out like a sore thumb?”
“Hardly sore, honey. Believe me—” His penetrating look gave her goose bumps and she cursed under her breath as she looked away. “You’re wearing that tonight because you’re damn sexy and you never show off your assets. You need to work this girl. Your personal life has been pretty sad lately. We’re here to spice it up remember. So have there been any takers yet?”
She groaned, she’d been checked out several times but nobody had actually approached her. She was in a bad mood at the moment and wouldn’t have been much for company anyway. For all she knew she was sending out stay away or else vibes, and it was all because her best friend didn’t know how to keep a promise. She thought he’d stood her up.
“Nope, none.” She hopped off of her stool and smoothed out her skirt. “Come on, Heidi, there’s a new club in town called Drink Nights, you’ll love it. Go on, live a little, and pick someone for a night or two of carnal fun would you. Your life is beginning to depress me. It’ll be fun, and I’ll be right there with you to help you pick out someone delicious.” She mocked Nathan’s earlier speech to get her there. “You’re an hour late, Nathan, what the hell? Screw ‘spicing it up,’ I’m going home.”
“Heidi, wait!” Nathan reached for her. Taking her arm he pulled her tight against his body making her eyes go wide in shock. He looked like he was fighting something as he bit his lip and groaned. “I’ve been fighting this for almost three fucking years.” He whispered, moving his face lower to meet with hers. Not waiting for a reaction he probed the slit of her mouth with his tongue, moaning again as his tongue finally reached hers. Her knuckles turned white as she grabbed for his shirt to get as close to him as possible. She was swept up in the moment, and all else around them seemed to disappear, and because holy fuck, Nathan was actually kissing her. She slowed it down as her senses came back to her. What the...?
I hope you enjoyed my post and would like to thank you all for joining me today. I’m excited for Three Words to Bliss to release, but until then if you all are looking for a few spicy shorts to read Spice It Up, Finding His Something Spicy, and Lyrics and Lust can also be bought separately.

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

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