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Author Focus: Vanessa Johnston

Vanessa Johnston
Copyright © 2012
Secret Cravings Publishing

Although meeting men at this business convention is not on the agenda for Francine, she can't get Omar out of her mind. He acts interested, but never makes a move. As sexy as she looks in black fishnet stockings and a low-cut bustier, she wonders if she can compete with that throng of gorgeous, skinny model-types surrounding Omar wherever he goes. On the last night of the convention, Francine realizes she wants Omar's mysterious friend as well. How can she choose? And why should she have to?" 


Copyright © 2012
“In those stilettos, fishnet stockings, and black-lace bustier, every man tonight, including Omar, is going to want to ravish you,” Karen cajoled.
Karen meant well, but Francine didn't think she had a chance with Omar. Even with the remote possibility that she did, she'd never get close enough to talk to him tonight. This was the last night of the convention, and tomorrow they would go their separate ways and never see each other again. She didn't know why she let Karen talk her into going to this silly banquet, anyway. They had come to the convention for business, not to meet men, and they had already achieved that purpose. They should have just eaten in the hotel restaurant and gone back to their rooms. They had an early flight tomorrow and a full load of work to do next week.
"If a guy looked at me the way this Mr. Omar guy looks at you," Karen went on, "I'd know he had the hots for me. He was coming up to you right after the seminar––"
"Right. But he never made it past all those women surrounding him. I can't compete with those skinny, gorgeous model-types. I'm a size sixteen and they're like, a size two. Why can't we get dinner at the restaurant? I don't want to run into him."
Karen glared at her. "We've already paid for the buffet. Remember? It's included in the package. Listen, you look stunning tonight. If Omar can’t see that then it’s his loss.”
"Thanks. I know you mean well. By the way, you look great yourself. But I think he's a lost cause. Besides, we're not really here for that, are we?"
Karen laughed. "I'm always here for that. I just haven't seen anybody I like."
"Omar did have a guy with him, in the middle of all those women."
"Not my type. Besides, Omar is hard enough to catch. I imagine his friend would be equally hard to get––if I even liked him."
Francine thought about that for a moment. Omar's friend was almost as nice looking as Omar himself. A little shorter, but he had bigger shoulders than Omar. If Karen didn't want him maybe Francine could do them both. She giggled. It must have been the bustier and the stilettos that made her feel spicier than normal. She had never done two guys at once before, or even thought of it.
As Francine and Karen entered the grand ballroom of the hotel, Karen was surprised at how the room had been transformed from a business convention into a posh formal event. "Wow. All the banners and booths are gone. They really did themselves up for this dinner. Flower centerpieces on every table. It's like a wedding."
"The place does look elegant. I'm glad they dimmed the lights," Francine said. "Makes me feel like we're at a party, instead of a business dinner."
Then Francine saw Omar surrounded by a bevy of women admirers, the same ones who followed him everywhere he went. She turned away, but not before noticing how Omar was staring at her, taking in every inch of her voluptuous curves.
"Speaking of the devil. He's looking at you," Karen said.
"It's so dark in here. How can you tell? He's just staring into space. Anyway, I'm not interested," she lied.
But, interested or not, she tugged at her bustier so that it exposed more of her breasts than before, almost down to her nipples. Then she turned back to look at Omar, putting her hands on her hips to emphasize their curves. Omar smiled. She could tell he was checking her out. Then her eyes wandered past him, to that guy who was part of his entourage. He stared right at her. Maybe the two of them had talked about her. She smiled at the guy. Again, her thoughts went to having them both. That was crazy, wasn't it?
Karen smiled. "Well, if you can see Omar, he can see you."
"He's just a tease. I'm going to forget him. If he can't come after me, I don't want him. Besides, I think his friend is kind of cute. Maybe I'll pick him up instead,” Francine rambled nervously. “Let's just get something to eat. All that food looks great. And I am hungry."
"See? Aren't you glad I talked you into going to this convention now? And the spread they've got..."
"Well, I guess this was worth it."
"You guess? We've got quite a few new orders. This convention is exactly what we needed."
They filled their plates at the buffet, but before they went to find a table Francine felt someone breathing down her neck and smelled the fragrance of masculine cologne in the air. She turned and found herself staring into Omar's eyes. "Good evening, ladies," Omar said. "Francine, I really liked what you had to say at the seminar this afternoon. I wondered if we could talk about it over dinner. I've got––uh––two empty seats at my table."
As Omar's gaze went to her breasts and then back up to her face, Francine felt weak. Her body trembled, especially between her legs. What was it about this man that drove her so crazy?
Just then Omar's friend joined them. "Hi, I'm Joey, Omar's cousin." He too had a very frank appreciation of her cleavage.
"Oh, you go ahead, Francine," Karen said. "I almost forgot I promised to talk to that sales rep we met earlier. This will be the last chance to see her. You run along. I'm going to have dinner with her. Oh, and I'm Karen. It was nice meeting you, Omar and Joey."
Before Francine could ask her what in the world she was talking about, Karen ran off.
"What do you say?" Omar asked. "I've got some questions I want to ask you. Or do you need to join your friend?"
"Yes," Joey said. "I want to talk to you too...about your company and how you got it all started."

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