Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday 13: Procrastination

Thirteen Ways to Procrastinate while Writing:
1. Clean the house, the office, the desk or anything else that needs or doesn't need cleaning.
2. Pinterest. After all, I'm pinning links for my author blog, book, etc.
3. Twitter. Even though I use Feed140, its still good to check on everything!
4. Facebook.
5. Check email.
6. Respond to interesting or not so interesting strands on my Yahoo authors' groups.
7. Let the dog out - notice garden is weedy - weed the garden.
8. Talk to UPS guy.
9. Another cup of coffee.
10. Schedule dentist appointment.
11. Check like counts, tags and reviews on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.
12. Pay bills.
13. Write blog post instead of book. Kind of like this one, lol.

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