#TantalizingTuesday: The Cowboy's Girl

The Cowboy's Baby

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Camden looked down at Isabella snuggled into the crook in his arm. He’d been focused on the baby since he pulled up to her family’s ranch. He hadn’t looked at her yet. Megan knew he might never look at her again, at least not the way he once did.
“You would’ve left the tour, given it all up.”
“Damn right I would’ve.” His voice grew louder and Isabella moved in his arms. “Ssh, ssh,” he soothed her.Megan wished she could be soothed as easily. She ached seeing this strong man cuddle her baby, their baby.
Hugging herself and wishing she was at least showered for this conversation, she straightened her back and drew on her resolve. “I couldn’t let you.  Winning this season’s championship would’ve meant moving to the pro tour. You’d worked hard for that and I couldn’t be the one to take it away.”
“So instead you took this away from me,” Camden shook his head.
“I planned to tell you at the end of the season. She came early. It was a surprise,” Megan was determined to make him understand she’d never meant to hurt him.
“It damn sure was.”
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesday 2012

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