Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday13: On-line Networking Resources

Thirteen On-line Networking Resources 
(that have proved invaluable to me as an author)

1. Weebly. This is a free place to create an easy-to-make and simple site for free! Websites should be all about you as an author. Display all your book information, author bio, and buy links.
2. Blogger rocks. I know some people prefer other programs but no matter, create a blog. Not just one for your book updates because you can do that on your website (see #1). A blog should be interactive, entertaining and engaging. You are on mine now, how am I doing?
3. To state the obvious, facebook. But take it a step further and dive into creating a page for your book and/or an author page. Join author or reader groups. Post as least one useful thing daily.
4. Networked Blogs. This connects your blog to your facebook page. Be sure to syndicate it so your blog posts get put up on facebook automatically. Lots of people are choosing to follow blogs this way instead of Google Friends Connect (GFC) or Linky.
5. Twitter is a huge marketing and networking tool not to be ignored. Using it effectively means integrating some other resources with it (see #6, 7 & 8)
6. Feed140 allows users to create a playlist of tweets to go out over a period of time throughout the day without you needing to be present on twitter all day. I use the free version but you can upgrade and get more options. What does this mean for you? More writing! Higher word counts! More books and more sales!
7. I can't say enough about Triberr. It took me awhile to network here and figure it all out but it really is very simple after a quick learning curve. It's all based on "reach" -the concept that we can reach more people by forming tribes- and those you group with share your information out to their followings while you reciprocate. First things, first: go to Bonfires to meet people!
8. Commun-it gives you valuable information about your twitter influence. It gives you the data to form meaningful relationships with followers and those you follow which is key in achieving your business goals.
9. Pinterest is not just for fun. Pin your blog posts or books. Create storyboards for your WIPs. Gather some ideas and, of course, you can look at all the man candy out there too!
10. Tumblr is a unique platform that operates like a magazine. For those who like to flip through, you can have your posts stream here and be browsed by those not inclined to follow specific blogs. Posts are searchable by topic.
11. Post your book on Goodreads. It is one of the largest utilized on-line book directories. It's also a place to network with readers and other authors. Create an author page. Post your books. Join groups. Hold an event. Have a contest. So many choices, one little site.
12. Marketing For Romance Writers (MFRW) is a group exclusively for romance writers. There are lots of rules so be sure to read them all - all are reasonable, for the greater good and help everyone feel their time is valued. They have a blog, facebook group and site but most of my connections have come from the yahoo group. If you write romance, join this group.
13.This is kind of fun and allows you to use your creativity. You can create your own eNewspaper on You select preferred RSS feeds, twitter hashtags, facebook feeds, etc to include based on the theme of your paper.

So, have some fun out there. All thirteen might not be for you but take and leave what you will to create a social networking plan that works for you and your business... and maybe even consider Thursday Thirteen as a weekly post option on your blog (information below)!

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