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What Is Romance?

The Sin Sisters Talk Romance
Romancing the Hop
August 31st-September 3rd
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What is your favorite thing about Romance? Over 200 authors and bloggers are ready to share romantic tips, favorite romance reads, favorite things about romance, reading romance, and dating.

Here on ROMANCE BECKONS, I'm letting you listen in on the Sin Sisters talking about romance. Enjoy this excerpt from Eternal Envy (scheduled for release October 8, 2012).

Eloise looked around at her sisters, so content with them surrounding her. The flames from the fire pit in the center of the stoned patio flickered across their faces, each so beautiful. The mood was more quiet than usual, her sisters more relaxed. Maybe it was the wine they’d been drinking since before dinner. Eloise was just so grateful to all be together. So much was changing for them and she was happy but still needed this connection.
“Two down. Five more to go,” Paige spoke into her wine glass but each sister heard the softly spoken words and turned in her direction. She noticed and acted surprised they had heard her. But the sisters know better since near perfect hearing was something they’d each come to live with. “What? You act as if this is such a shock. It’s the prophecy.”
“It’s love,” Gracie insisted.
“Love is a fairytale. We are a prophecy,” Paige quipped back. “We will each take a mate and it won’t be long now. Prophecy says the seven born to the seventh shall complete the link. And it shall be one after the next in quick succession.”
“Oh Goddess, Paige, will you stop it,” Amelia untucked her legs from beneath her and sat forward in her chair, her anger rising. “You cannot judge the emotions of others. To each their own.”
“I’m not judging emotion. I’m stating fact and the fact here is that whether we like it or not, we are this prophecy so love or not, we’ll be mated,” Paige explained.
“Ok, Paige, I’ll give you prophecy but you have to agree that there is a piece of that prophecy that relies on love, a connection, romance…” Layla mused.
“Romance? Are you kidding? Even you tried to fight Madden,” Paige stood then and paced. “You’re going to romanticize this now, aren’t you?”
Layla remained relaxed in her seat while trying to explain, “I was hesitant. I’d never felt many of the desires you take for granted. They were all so overwhelming and I was afraid. But when I opened myself to Madden, and then to Anton, I let them love me.”
“That is so romantic,” Sadie grinned dreamily and reached over to touch Layla’s arm.
“Romantic is this chunk of diamond on her finger,” Gemma added. From the other side of Layla, she reached for her diamond ring and moved it so the flames glittered off the many facets and sent light glittering through their circle.
“Mmm… how he gave it to her was even more romantic,” Eloise tacked on with a wide grin.
“How about you, Eloise?” Layla attempted to get the spotlight off her, “What does Caedon do that’s romantic?”
With a blush that nearly turned Eloise as scarlet as her wrap, she shook her head with a cheshire grin. “I tell no secrets.”
“What? You were always trying to get the details out of all of us and now you clam up when you’ve got something good to share,” Amelia taunted her.
“Let’s just say Caedon doesn’t do romantic. His idea of romance is a text with xoxo at the end.”
“Right. Definitely wasn’t romantic how he carried you back out of the vineyard when you sprained your ankle,” Gracie teased.
“Or when he growled at Donovan when he touched you to check out your ankle,” added Paige which caused every sister to break out laughing. Eloise loved her sisters even when she wished they weren’t so intuitive.

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