Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#WWoW! Pin It!

I’m still keeping it simple.
In this weekly feature, I’ll give just one suggestion of something to try. Or maybe I’ll tell you about one thing that helped me as a new author or one thing not to do. Regardless what I choose to talk about, I promise it will be simple because, after all, we are all very busy people…

Let's talk about Pinterest. It's not just for fun. It can be another FREE social networking tool for authors. Start with the basics... open an account and set up your profile (being sure to add your links). Install the PIN IT button onto your browser toolbar. That's it for set up and now you're ready! That easy? Yep.

Now you get to have some fun but we're going to call it work so... time to get to work!

Create some Boards. 
Just CLICK on the +Add button along the top. Choose Create a Board. Name it. Categorize it. CLICK Create Board. Some good choices are things that interest you (check mine out for ideas) and that can tell readers more about you as an author and as a person. NOTE that you can always add more boards at any time.
Some ideas include a Books Board, Guest Post Board, Features Board and a Review Board. You can even create a board for each of your books or series, published or WIPs. Add a board for important quotes and potential character ideas.
Add Pins.
There are lots of ways to do this. First, you can use that same +Add button along the top to add pins from the web or to upload some from your computer. You can use your Pin It button to add any photos from any website. You can also browse the general Pinterest site by clicking on the word Pinterest in the top center of the screen. Put some fun pins on your boards - don't worry right away about perfection.
** Editorial Addition: Be cautious of copyright in regards to photos you pin! **

How does this help your business?
You will advertise to a wider audience. DEFINITELY pin your blog posts and books (be sure to add information and a link back). Click that little "tweet" button every time you add an important pin. These pins will get shared -through a vast network- and should bring people back to you. Also be sure to include the link to your Pinterest Profile wherever you include all other social networking links. It's another outlet for you to get recognition.

So, what are you waiting for? Pin It!

And Keep Writing!

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