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Author Focus: AJ Best

Welcome to today's featured author, AJ Best. I told her she could post about anything - she warned me to be careful what I asked for - and here's what we got. She's witty and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did... 

People have still yet to understand that if you ask me a question that I am going to answer it.

In my early 30’s I went back to college and was going to get my associates degree in accounting. Even though I was told by my professor that I was the least ‘accounting-type’ person she knew. But she made sure to tell me that I was talented. OK, I can handle talented, and I did. I carried a 3.85 GPA until I moved to upstate NY and quit school 6 classes away from my degree. Go back you so, I’ve gone back I say. But enough of that. On to the TMI questions.

Because my GPA was so high I was invited to join Gamma Beta Phi. GO GAMMA! The advisor Robin asked me if she could ask me a question. I told her that I would tell her anything but to be aware she may not like the answer. So out it came, “Why do you have a tongue ring?”

Wowser, first time meeting my advisor and she want’s the answer to that question. “Well, Robin, I really like giving BJs and this is a good stimulant.” Her poor little mouth dropped open and she laughed so hard I thought I might have to get her some Depends. After that day we were inseparable best friends. We even started calling her my BFF Rose!

I think the lack of Mary being able to tell Joe, “Hey, it’s our anniversary would ya look over here?? Cause I wanna get it on.”

Instead she decides to take the long way around.

Let’s take a look at an EXCERPT and see what she should have done, or what I would have done.
It seemed more and more lately that no matter how hard she tried, he looked right through her. It was infuriating and heart breaking. She'd had enough heartbreak during the past year to last her a lifetime. Her mother had been sick battling cancer all last year. Unfortunately she’d lost the battle. She’d made sure to pass on information to Mary while on her deathbed though.
Something Mary had never seen coming. She was adopted. Her world felt as if she had lost all control.
The adoption information that her mother had left with her will quickly found its way into the trash. Why would she want to find someone who didn't want her? She had enough instances of that in her own home. She did wonder, after a year, if she had reacted too rashly. You never know when you'll need family, and if she met her biological mother maybe she could figure out who she was, inside and out.
Mary plopped herself on the bed and let out a huge rush of air. There was no way Joe hadn’t noticed her outfit. She had bought it specifically for their ten-year anniversary night.
She remembered how she had anxiously awaited this evening and decided that she would make it perfect no matter how she was feeling. Every year on this day, they left the house at four twenty five and drove to the lake where he had romantically declared his undying love and proposed to her. He always hired a horse drawn carriage. The prancing steed would take them from the lake to a lovely candlelit dinner for two. After having one too many glasses of wine and a wonderful meal, they would enjoy a leisurely stroll to the theater. Wicked was currently playing on Broadway, and she couldn’t wait to hear the music that made her soul dance and her heart soar. Re-reading the book several times had her excited, and she knew the night would be perfect.
Then reality reared its ugly head.
Carefully she unlaced her corset and tossed the silky white thong in the corner; it still held the dampness from her unquenched desire.
"I can't believe I wasted my time and effort on this. Sometimes my husband is such a jerk," when she took a look around it dawned on her that she was talking to herself. Another deep breath and swish of hair and she mused, "I guess it's okay to talk to myself as long as I don't answer back, huh CC?"
She slipped her silk robe on quickly and snatched the cat from his slumberous repose. He squirmed to free himself but Mary kissed his little nose first. "Don't be like your daddy, at least notice I'm here." She placed the cat gently on the bed and started her morning ritual. Getting ready for work was the last thing she was interested in.
Though I love my cats, I’m certainly not kissing them last thing in the morning. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

AJ's latest book
When the wires of communication get crossed and tangled, is love enough to bring everything back into balance?
Mary is prepared for the anniversary of a lifetime. Ten years of wonderful memories fill her mind. She can’t wait to see what the next ten will bring. When her plans for early morning seduction fail, her mind jumps to worst case scenarios.
Joe’s attention, focused elsewhere, may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Will he be able to come up with a good reason for forgetting their anniversary?
As the day continues, will the answers Mary finds leave her in tears? Will she find the next ten years dreams shattered before her? Only Joe holds the answers to the questions her heart asks.

Tell me some of the best questions you’ve been asked when you’ve thrown someone for a loop!
AJ Best

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