Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ebook Piracy, Pricing & Hoarding

I am a reader of ebooks. With a few exceptions, I read entirely from an e-reader. I don't "borrow" ebooks - shoot, I don't even take advantage of the lending option offered through BN. Sometimes I buy a cheap book intending to read it and then not get to it for months. But hoarding ebooks, that's a new concept to me. I like my virtual bookshelf to be as neat as my paperback bookshelf so organization keeps me from over-buying. I prefer to pay below the $6.99 price point. On occasion, I have purchased a $9.99 ebook if it is something I really, really want to read or is from an author on my auto-read list (you have one of those, right? an author that you read everything they write.). Then I read this article and it got me thinking about pricing strategy because I am also an author of ebooks. The price point has a bigger consequence than my paycheck... how does it affect you as a consumer?

 What are you willing to pay? Are lower prices better? Do you read all the books you download?

Piracy, pricing, and ebook hoarding (via Tools of Change for Publishing)
I was on a conference call recently talking about piracy with Joe Karaganis, Brian O’Leary and Ruediger Wischenbart. At one point someone mentioned that piracy can be avoided when content is made available at a reasonable price and in all convenient formats. That begs the question: What’s a “…

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