Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#Tantalizing Tuesday In A Kilt

Thanks to Tyra Berger for sharing this week's inspiration via facebook.
I swear every eye in the club turned to Master Connal as we entered. He was bare-chested and sculpted. Since his standard dress for the club was his native kilt, his delicious body was on display. Rounded muscle graced his arms, his chest and shoulders, with ridges of strength along his abdomen. I had run my fingers down that body more than I could count.
I may belong to him but he was all mine. That thought made me grin like a silly schoolgirl and not mind so much that others looked at him with admiration. He was mine. I fingered my collar and smiled. Once upon a time, his concentrated stare and rugged looks terrified me. The stubble from his beard, the disciplined gaze and the cleft in his chin gave him a fierce appearance. His muscles once intimidated me.
“Down,” Connal commanded when we reached the group of leather chairs where other Masters sat with their submissives. Connal sat in the remaining chair and I swept down to the floor with my legs tucked under me. With my head on his thigh, I laid claim.
He gently stroked along the side of my cheek and nodded. Nothing to fear.
 © Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesday 2012

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