Thursday, October 4, 2012

#Thursday13: Flossie's Fave

Welcome new author Flossie Benton Rogers. 
Her paranormal romance Wytchfae will be published by Secret Cravings Publishing this month! Flossie is a former teacher and public library director. She is Sagittarius with a Libra ascendant and Taurus moon, or a freedom loving mystic and 5th generation Floridian. She started writing faery tales as a child and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to again pursue her passion. This week, Flossie brings us her favorite supporting characters.

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Flossie would love to compare lists!

13 Favorite Supporting Characters in Books, Movies & TV
They may not get top billing, but they zing up our experience.
1. Poppy, Red’s step-mother in Dorothy Cork’s romance, Red Diamond. Thanks to her, water baby Martyn goes Outback and snags Red, the epitome of maleness.
2. Guthrum the Dane in the film Alfred the Great. Why Aelhswith chooses Alfred over Guthrum (so deliciously played by Michael York) is a great mystery.
3. Lusty psychic Pamela in Supernatural, actress Traci Dinwiddie. Not only does she hang with brothers Sam and Dean Winchester while she’s alive, she gets to have a drink with them in heaven.
4. Master criminal Arnold Zeck in the Nero Wolfe mysteries by Rex Stout. For cold and calculating, you can’t beat the Z.
5. Vain goddess Glory in Buffy, actress Clare Kramer. She pulverizes vampire Spike, and her evil minions are homely-cute.
6. Kit the stable master in the Aunt Dimity cozy mysteries by Nancy Atherton. I love the Kit/Nell romance.
7. Xena’s Palomino Argo, a smart and trustworthy horse.
8. Maenad Maryann in True Blood, actress Michelle Forbes. She only appears benevolent.
9. Brenna in Johanna Lindsay’s historical romance, Hearts Aflame. I like her relationship with her grown daughter, Kristen.
10. River Song in Doctor Who, actress Alex Kingston. River is intrepid and sassy.
11. The bandleader in the movie Chicago, actor Taye Diggs. Classy.
12. Vitriolic Helen in the old movie A Summer Place, actress Constance Ford. She made a good contrast to all the sweet people.
13. The mechanical owl in The Clash of the Titans.

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