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Here's a simple recommendation to simplify your life.
In this weekly feature, I’ll give just one suggestion of something to try. Or maybe I’ll tell you about one thing that helped me as a new author. Or maybe it will be one thing not to do. Regardless what I choose to talk about, I promise it will be simple because, after all, we are all very busy people…

This week I'm sharing a little thing called paper.li. Paper.li is a content curation service that enables twitter users to publish online newspapers based on topics they choose. It's so simple - I nearly slapped myself on the head when I discovered it!

The initial set up will take you no more than 20 minutes. There are enough options in the FREE VERSION for it to work for almost anyone but you do have an option to go PRO and get a few more customization options. You can see my free version here. Without paying, I was still able to customize the title, background image, editorial comments, delivery time and content.

The benefit to paper.li is an expansion of your social media influence, particularly twitter. As the editor of your own paper.li, you curate the content that matters most to you. You select other authors, reviewers and friends that blog, post to facebook or tweet on topics you'd like to include by simply adding them to your content list. You can also place a button on your toolbar so you can add sites that interest you as you discover them. You bring content you think is important to the forefront.
Your paper.li is published automatically once you set it up so you don't have to add this to your weekly to do list. And another big bonus is that featured contributors are sent a tweet when your paper.li is published. This helps spread the word with no effort on your part!

On your next break, pop over to paper.li and check it out. 
You can set up it quickly and then be sure to keep writing!


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